Russian Traditional Nesting Dolls - Color (Red)

Authentic Russian Nesting Dolls

Russian nesting dolls are beautiful and symbols of Russian folk art and culture. They are designed to reflect some specific theme, such as people, fictional characters, or natural scenes. The size and color patterns of these dolls are quite pretty. These dolls are symbols of Russian life in which the importance of mother is portrayed in the family. They depict the continuation of life. Kids also love to play with such adorable wooden dolls. They find it interesting to open the large matryoshkas and find the smallest ones inside. If you are looking for superior quality Russian nesting dolls, you are at the right place. You can order a beautiful Russian doll from our online store: We have dolls that are crafted by Russian best artists. The bottom line is that nesting dolls are intended to be loved and played with. And if you are just opening the doll to show it on your mantle, you must consciously pay attention to how each doll aligns. If you push too hard, it will crack. If you open it too quickly, you’ll miss the little one. Allow yourself plenty of time. Take note. Have fun and love your nesting doll as some have. We have the most authentic Russian Nesting Dolls available online. These dolls are also known as Russian Dolls, Stacking Dolls, Matryoshka Dolls, and Babushka Dolls. They are recognized as representations of maternity, continuity, personality layers, and Russia itself. Our nesting dolls are a one-of-a-kind Russian gift, toy, or interior design item.