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Babushka Dolls

Babushka dolls are tiny Russian nesting dolls that come in sets of 5 pieces. The term babushka implies “grandmother or old woman”.  She is the powerful female matriarch and the primary figure in the family. These charming dolls easily depict the culture and tradition of Russia. These are the wooden pieces that are arranged in decreasing order, one inside the other. The babushka dolls are hand-painted and handcrafted that makes them a perfect symbol of art.


Even the smallest one is designed with complete perfection. Therefore, you will experience uniqueness in every set of babushka dolls. The durability of such dolls are also high as they are crafted with good quality materials.


You can use them as a brilliant gift for birthdays or any other occasion. Every age individual appreciates their beauty. Kids and women will definitely love it. Moreover, they are easy to carry as they get packed completely. The artwork on these dolls speaks everything. There is no requirement for any explanation. You can also use them as home decoration objects. The colour and design of these dolls are awesome. The vibrant colour of these dolls adds sparkle to your home.


There is no use of harmful chemicals for the manufacturing of babushka dolls; thus, it is completely safe for kids to play with them. It will be unlimited fun for your kid to play and arrange these nesting dolls.


The Russian Treasures offers high-quality babushka dolls that artists of Russia craft. These nesting dolls are considered as the symbol of maternity, continuity and the most important Russian tradition.


Traditional clothing of Russia, which is Sarafan, is depicted over them. Also, flowers and other themed dolls are now easily available. The simplicity and originality of the Russian dolls are appreciable.  We aim to offer the best traditional feeling with the modern look. Our product will put a smirk on your face. There is a wide availability of themed babushka dolls on our website. You can buy them easily from our store.