Team and founders

My name is Irina Berezova and I am the founder of the online store The Russian Treasures, which specializes in selling traditional Russian handcraft creations. I worked for a long time in Russia, before deciding to go to Europe to develop this activity here and afterwards in United States. Our company works with more than a hundred artists who make a living from their passion and who work every day to create beautiful traditional Russian handicrafts.


Today, I try to share with as many people as possible my passion for typically handcraft Russian products: matryoshkas, Lomonosov porcelain, lacquered boxes or Russian shawls.


Our creations: where do they come from?


All our products are carefully selected by us from local artists from Sergiev Posad, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kirov, Zagorsk and the village of Semenov. The products are imported directly from the towns where these artists live and work. The prices are negotiated directly with the artists, ensuring that their remuneration is fair and can meet their needs.


The products sold by The Russian Treasures are decorative objects (Russian Nesting dolls, lacquered boxes, Jostovo trays, glass animals) or fashion accessories (woolen shawls, traditional jewelry, amber jewelry).


Where do the skills of artists come from?


Handcrafted manufacturing techniques are often passed from generation to generation. The tailoring methods have improved over time (performance of weaving machines for example) but they remain impossible to reproduce with so-called “industrial” manufacturing methods.