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Company Name:  Mme Berezova

Status Company: entrepreneur

Siret: 449 527 050 000 40

Code APE: 4789Z

Address: 10 rue dess Gallois 31400 Toulouse France

Phone: 06 50 78 07 99


Intellectual Property


– All elements of the site (pictures, /assets/template/images, logos, flash animations …), and the information are protected by the Copyright and are the property of the authors.


– The contents of the site (texts, articles …) are the property of the authors and may not be copied or used without the approval.

– If you want create a link to our site,, please contact us before by email.


– Submissions from external sources have been reproduced with the implicit or explicit agreement of their authors.


External Links


The links on the site redirect users to sites whose content placed under the responsibility of the publishers of those sites. In any case, Trésors de Russie / Mme Berezoa isnot responsible for the content of these sites.

Advertisements on the site


Advertisements are presente on our site. These advertisements can come from external sources (third-party platforms management affiliate, Google ads or ®…) .Tresors de Russie / Mme Berezova can not be held responsible for the character “misleading or aggressive” of advertising from external sources.


Protection of the customer personal information


We attach great importance to respect for privacy and personal data of our customers.

We also attach great importance to protecting your privacy and your personal data in the way we create, organize and implement our activities online and offline.


Privacy and Security


Our priority is to protect your personal information. Technologies and security policies applied to protect personal data of our clients against unauthorized access.We are constantly improving our security procedures and maintain high level of protection.

All our employees or authorized third parties who have access to data signed the contract that required to respect the confidentiality of personal data of our visitors, customers and prospects.



Contract of sales.

– Company Name: Trésors de Russie / Mme Berezova

– Status Company: entrepreneur

– Siren: 449 527 050

– Code APE: 4789Z

– Address: 70 Avenue Victor Hugo 92100 Boulogne

– Phone: 06 50 78 07 99

This contract defines the rights and obligations of the parties in connection with the sale of products offered by web site www.tresorsderussie.com.




The products of www.tresorsderussie.com sites are presented in French, Spanish and English. Any citizen of the European Union and other part of the world can’t cancel the order in the case of the linguistic ignorance.

The products offered for sale directly by the Russian Treasures are those listed on the website www. tresorsderussie.com.

Because of the specificity of the Internet, the company does not guarantee the availability of all the products in real time. In the case of temporary or permanent unavailability of a product, the company will notify users via email.


The company will then propose the replacement of the product ordered by an equivalent product (quality and price), or the client can cancel the order.




Prices of the products can be changed at any time by the company.In case of obvious typographical errors, leading to the price error , the sale may be canceled.The prices are in Euros (€) TTC and include costs associated with processing orders.


The delivery rates are on the charge of the client, except if other conditions of delivery was agreed between the client and Trésors de Russie.Payment of the full price must be made not later than the delivery of the product /products,except if other conditions was sepcified specified during the ordering process.


In the cas of the delivery outside the French territory, taxes remaine responsibility of the customer, except if other conditions were agreed.



The company guarantees that deliveries will be made ​​under the conditions guaranteed by carriers.

In the case of late delivery, please notify the company by contacting us via email.


Incomplete delivery


It may be that the package is damaged or the contents of the delivery have been partially or totally forgoten .

In this case, please mention it to the carrier and don’t accept the delivery of the product. In the case that you become aware of this error after the departure of the carrier, please report it by mail or telephone within a maximum period of 72 working days from receipt of the order.


Lost item


In the case if the package is lost by one of our carriers, please inform us as soon as possible.

The company will make a survey of the services concerned.The customer has a period of seven days to exercise his right of withdrawal. This period starts from the receipt of the order by the customer.To facilitate the processing of its return, the customer may contact the company by mail.


The return charges are fully on the responsability of the customer. The products shouldn’t be damaged. It is also recommended that the products are returned in their original packaging


Cancellation Right


The client have the right to cancel the order in the period of 7 days after the delivery. In this case, we’ll refund the client within a maximum period of 30 days

The company reserves the right to refuse the order, including (but not limited to) in case of unavailability of the product, inability to perform the service, unfair request of the client or a clear intention for the client to harm the company.


The company also reserves the right to refuse the order in the case of an obvious typographical error leading to the display of a

wrong price





Trésors de Russie / Mme Berezova can not be held liable for breach of contract, in the case of force majeure, in the case of strikes of carriers.

Retention of title


The products delivered to customers remain the property of the company until the contract has not been executed entirely. The risks are transfered immediately after ther delivery of the products.

The documents provided to customers are governed by the Code of Intellectual Property. They remain the property of the company. It is forbidden to reproduce, sell, or use the documents provided without the consent of the company.


Applicable Law


This contract is subject to French law.