Russian Stacking Dolls

You will experience the best quality and handmade Russian stacking dolls with The Russian Treasure store. We have a wide variety of wooden dolls, which is considered the symbol of fertility, is a Russian stacking doll. There are several words for this doll, such as babushka dolls, nesting dolls, Russian tea dolls, Russian dolls or Russian Matryoshka dolls. It represents the common traditional Russian culture. The largest doll in the set represents a strong female, the central figure in the Russian family. The shape of the Russsian stacking doll is wide, elongated and it appears like a woman who has given birth to many children.


Russian stacking dolls is a set of hollow wooden figures that are painted with bright colours. The sizes of each doll vary, and they are designed in such a manner so that they can get fitted inside one another.


These dolls are often created with some theme. Every Russian stacking doll is unique and handcrafted with the finest linden wood. The level of care that is given to each nesting doll results in no resemblance between the two pieces. You can use these dolls to develop motor skills in kids. They will get to know about the colour, design, size, stacking and other things while playing with stacking dolls.


They are considered a great addition to home decoration. The bright, rich colour, design and cultural character of these dolls work best in catching someone’s attention. You can use them as a gift option for Christmas, birthday or any other occasion.


At The Russian Treasure website, you will get a wide variety of Russian stacking dolls that will add beauty to your home. After seeing the collection of dolls in our store, you will say awesome. So come and enjoy the traditional feeling of Russia with The Russian Treasure.

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