Wooden Nesting Dolls

Russian wooden dolls, also known as stacking dolls, nesting dolls, matryoshka, are a set of wooden dolls that is a symbol of Russian tradition. The diminishing sizes of these dolls mirror the classic arrangement of the wooden dolls. They are popular throughout the world. These wooden dolls are placed one inside another.


The originality and simplicity of nesting dolls are commendable. These dolls are long-lasting and eco-friendly as they are crafted with natural materials. Russian dolls are handcrafted and hand-painted.  They are one of the most recognized traditional symbols of Russia. These dolls wear the traditional sarafan costume of Russia. The wooden nesting dolls are round in shape and painted in such a manner that they represent a pretty young woman. The heads of these dolls are covered to offer protection from cold weather.


The designing of such dolls is done on different themes such as political leaders, pop icons, animals, and fairy tales, really almost anything you imagine. These dolls are crafted with complete perfection. They are a great example of fine arts.


Your kids will play and learn with these interactive wooden dolls. 


Russian wooden dolls can be an excellent gift for your kids, birthday party, house decoration, new year gift, etc. They are easy to assemble and store because of their small size. The smallest doll is designed with complete perfection so that users can get the best traditional touch with wooden nesting dolls. The Russian nesting dolls are painted with vivid colors that make the surrounding area awesome.


With The Russian Treasure, you will experience the best quality wooden nesting dolls. We have a collection of dolls that Russian artists craft. You will get an easy booking and shipping process with us.

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