Tips for choosing Pavlovski Posad shawls

You appreciate the real shawls of Pavlovski Posad, but are not sure where they come from and are afraid of being deceived about the quality. Pavlovski Posad’s shawls are fashion accessories whose origins go back more than 200 years.


As they remain timeless and popular, they match the tastes and fashion of today. In fact Pavlovski Posad’s shawls as well as the great aging wines are gaining value over the years. They are the vectors of Russian traditions, of the cultural richness of this endearing country and make women who wear it attractive and beautiful.

How to recognize a Pavlovski Posad shawl?

Some dealers offer products whose originality remains questionable. To become an informed buyer, remember the following:


  • The original Pavlovski Posad shawls are made at the Pavlovski Posad shawl factory near Moscow. The finished product is on the packaging its official logo.
  • This blue Russian scarf is a fashion accessory made exclusively with natural materials: wool, cotton, silk, to warm the body and mind in cold weather.
  • The original shawls are manufactured in the following sizes: 52, 89, 125, 146 cm. The pattern on each scarf is unique, so it’s impossible to repeat it without technical knowledge.


Common motifs of Pavlovski Posad shawls.

In order to buy for sure the original Russian Shawl from Pavlovski Posad and to choose an appropriate variant, the motifs are classically divided into groups.


The first group of Russian shawls is designed with a paisley motif, also called “Indian cucumber”, “Turkish bob”, “Oriental”.

The second group is composed of Russian scarves with motifs of “Pavlovian roses”. The rose is a common element of the floral motifs, because it is a sacred value.


In the third group and second floral pattern, the most frequently used we find the dahlia flower.

The fourth group and third floral pattern presents a lily of the valley flower.

The fifth group and fourth floral pattern that presents tulips, symbolizing tenderness, charm and youth.

The sixth and last group presents an original print in the form of bells.

Finally, in the seventh and last group, the shawls present flowers of Myosotis, symbols of fidelity.


How to choose your shawl?


Like all clothing, jewelry or fashion accessories, it’s important to choose it based on your physical characteristics. The color of your eyes, your skin, your hair, the colors you like to wear are paramount in choosing your shawl. Dark-eyed brunettes can marry their ember eyes with bright shawls in warm colors. While the combination of cold tones with light-eyed brown faces will make your entire figure more mysterious.

The fair skin of a dark haired woman will easily accept blue Russian scarves. Extroverted blondes carry the full range of colors, but not black, with the exception. Purple and green tones emphasize the beauty of brown-haired women who will avoid red, yellow and orange tones. Ladies are natural and beautiful in Pavlovski Posad shawls!