Russian shawls: the story of the conquest of women’s hearts

If the Russian haute couture is inspired by the traditional clothes of this country, with embroidery, and a size placed high on the clothes, it nevertheless holds a place of choice in the world of fashion. By attracting the greatest number, shawls, Slavic expression of Russian folklore, have become a trend of fashion. The scarves and shawls are colorful and flowery, are both works of art and clothing accessories to wear every day.


The history of Russian shawls begins in 1795 with the birth of the Pavlov Posad factory. Combining the cumulative experience of hundreds of years in the making of these shawls, and the contribution of modern techniques, Russian shawls have become a high-end product. Artfully mingling with traditional motifs and technology, the masters in the factory create models of great luxury in Russian colors and style.


A supplement of elegance and tradition


A large number of creators have adopted impressions of Russian folklore and imbue their collections with touches of Russian style. This is the case of the fashion house Judari, and Jean-Paul Gaultier, who, using them to accessorize their creations, offer them with this media exposure, a new breath. Thus, the Russian-style shawls are also acclaimed by stars and many photographs attest, Eva Mendez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mila Jovovich and Gwen Stefani.


The Russian shawl is made by hand, and three months of work are required to obtain a finished product. The wool used is of quality, the colors and patterns (floral) are bright and shimmering. Very gentle, they protect the cold with elegance.


An original and timeless accessory


It is possible to wear Russian shawls throughout the year, chic and comfortable, they remain soft and retain their beauty over time. The range of shawls comes in multiple bright or pastel colors, with floral or variegated patterns, sublimated by their craftsmanship. They suit all styles and all times of day. Depending on the need, the Russian shawl can emphasize a classy evening dress, complement a simple outfit, and add style to a casual ensemble.

If wearing a Russian-style scarf around the neck is rather traditional, it can be tied or tied with jewelry or other accessories. There is as much way of wearing Russian shawls as there are colors in Russian shawls.