How Are The Matryoshka Dolls Painted?

The matryoshka doll is a traditional object of Russia. It is genuinely a wooden doll and a youngster’s toy. However, it started its journey a little more than 100 years prior to profoundly fine art and culture. The matryoshka doll is a settled doll with two parts that can be pulled apart. The external figure contains progressively more modest forms of itself. The biggest figure is generally 2-12 inches (5-30 cm) tall, albeit bigger ones up to a few feet tall have been made. Furthermore, the littlest might be minuscule, and it should be under 0.25-inches (0.6-cm). 

You will see that the women of these dolls wear traditional attire of Russia. That lady is a mother. And the names Matryona and Matryoshka were normal Russian nation names for generations. The crafting of these dolls are amazing and have a meaning. The biggest doll holds her children inside as a mother does, and next, every girl thus turns into a mother with time. Thus they are considered as the symbol of fertility and motherhood. The shapes of such dolls are somewhat egg-shaped. You will not have the same appearance as the dolls from the largest one to the smallest one. The color of every doll will be different. The crafting process of these dolls is not easy.

Preparation Of The Matryoshka Before Painting


The process of creating matryoshkas is a sensitive cycle that requires incredible dominance. There is a major role of painting in making the matryoshka eye-catching. The quality of the painting results in a wow product. Thus before starting the painting process, the focus is given to the shape and surface of the dolls. These dolls are mostly made of linen wood, and sometimes birch or alder is also used in their crafting. A complete set of matryoshka is designed with similar wood to deliver identical texture to all dolls. The woodworkers give the proper shape to the dolls and allow the wood to dry completely. After that, the cleaning of unfinished dolls is done. Meanwhile, oiling is also done on the surface of the dolls to prevent them from cracking. Still, by this time, the dolls are not allowed to be in paint. There is one more step left before painting them. To prepare the Matryoshkas to paint, a mixture of glue, water, and talc is prepared and used to obtain a stable surface. Then, for a better look, fine sanding and recoating the wood is also done. And after that, the matryoshkas are set to be painted when their surface is quite smooth.


The Painting Of Matryoshkas, An Incredible Art


The artists from Russia are well skilled and experienced in painting such cute and adorable dolls. They follow their own techniques to paint the matryoshka. Before painting the dolls, the nature of wood is examined so that painting can be done successfully. Then, with a good dose of creativity and knowledge of Russian traditions, the faces and costumes of nesting dolls are prepared. In the previous time, the matryoshka was painted with gouache. But in current times, the artist prefers tempera, a type of paint based on an egg-based emulsion. This type of painting element is appreciated because of the quality of the gradations it delivers. In addition, it offers a refined appearance to the product. Some other techniques are used for painting for the matryoshka, such as oil painting, watercolor, acrylic, and gilding. The painters paint the dolls on the basis of the theme. The creative style might be exceptionally coarse or incredibly fine for every artist. The color of such dolls will be like green from a vegetable color, a splendid pale blue, red, yellow, and blue. Gold leaf is also added to upgrade the enumerating. Sometimes eyelashes are also added to the dolls with the help of a hairbrush.





All Russian nesting dolls are handcrafted. And after giving the finishing touch to the dolls, the craftsman includes his signature at the lower part of the matryoshka and the quantity of settling dolls present in the arrangement. These dolls are durable, eye-catching, and pleasing; thus, you can make a part of your home decoration. Children love colouring or drawing pictures, and it is a fun hobby for them. Make sure you have a few of colouring books on hand at all times. Check out even more fun or easy art activities for Kids to Do at Home.

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