10 most beautiful kinds of Russian folk art

Handicraft is one of the greatest riches of any country. In Russia as elsewhere, toys, woven clothes and accessories, and other handicrafts from regional or national know-how are sought by foreign travelers and tourists who want to bring back a precious souvenir of Russia. Each region of Russia has its own Russian handcraft and specific products.

You will find below the most representative and original:


Toy Dymkovo


Originally from the Kirov region, these clay-molded and baked figurines are then carefully hand-painted, making them unique pieces.


Zhostovo Painting


In our country and abroad Zhostovo painting is very popular, it is two brothers of a village of the old Trinity Volost (now Mytishchi district) who created this style of painting painting by painting fine decorations on all kinds of objects (metal trays, sugar bowls, boxes, cigarette cases.Etc.)




Khokhloma is the name of one of the finest Russian handicrafts, born in the 17th century near Nizhny Novgorod. It consists of painting fine decorations on furniture or other wooden objects and then varnishing them. Objects or furniture thus made are very much in demand both in Russia and in foreign countries. You will be pleased to offer or offer one of these precious items.


Gorodets painting


The painting of Gorodets was born in the 19th century. The luminous motifs painted on a black or white background represent ornaments, flowers, scenes or animals and decorate furniture, shutters, furniture or objects.


Malachite from the Urals


Malachite deposits are found in various parts of the world, but malachite from the Urals stands out for its color and the beauty of these motifs; it is considered the most valuable of the world market. It is used for the manufacture of jewelery or objects of decoration particularly beautiful and original.


Crystal Gusev


The crystal pieces made at Gus Crystal are particularly fine and sought after. Traditional Russian souvenirs, made of natural or colored crystal, crockery, jewels, figurines or Gusey crystal decoration items are well worthy of their popularity and will appeal to as many people as possible.




The matryoshka is surely the most popular Russian craft object, this famous plump doll in the colors of our beautiful Russia has become truly an object of art and collection for fans around the world. A must-remember.




In the region of Vologda, we work enamel to create jewelry of all kinds since the 17th century, mixing clothing unique and ancestral technique with modern design, our craftsmen today paint flowers, animals and ornaments for vintage brooches, bracelet, pendants, rings and necklaces unique enamel multicolor high quality.


Tula Samovar


In the 18th century, during his free time, Fyodor Lisitsyn, employed in Tula in a weapons factory, made various copper objects and created a Samovar, his sons then opened an establishment to sell these famous Samovars, over the years the collection has expanded and diversified, the samovars of Tula are extremely famous for the variety of their shapes and their delicate finishes.


Miniature of Palekh


Made of paper mache, the miniature Palekh is a fine painting in natural tones (brown-orange and blue-green), subtle and poetic, which is then deposited on various media (boxes, compacts, pins, etc.). Poetic creations and representative of the subtle art of Russia.