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Mainstream support of Windows 7 had already ended on January 13 th , But what does this mean for you? The end of mainstream support in meant that the operating system was no longer being improved with updates to its main systems, that are not related to reliability or security.

The end of extended support in means that Microsoft will end support for security and reliability patches. This means that any device using Windows 7 will no longer have security updates or technical support.

All warranties will be void and Microsoft will no longer accept requests for new design features and design changes. The device will become vulnerable to security issues as the operating system will not be updated against newer types of malicious software. Over time Microsoft will also discontinue software and services related to Windows 7. Microsoft products are supported for ten years, the first five years products are given mainstream support but after five years mainstream support ends.

After ten years extended support ends. This happened with Windows XP. Windows XP was an unsecured operating system, to begin with but Microsoft support helped patch out security issues. One of the main reasons Microsoft retired Windows XP was because it had so many vulnerabilities. Windows 7 follows a similar blueprint as a Microsoft system as does Windows 10, which means that hackers will keep trying to find vulnerabilities in similar bits of code.

Malware can easily spread on obsolete platforms as known vulnerabilities on the systems are not going to be fixed. Third-party options, like the one provided by 0Patch , may be worth a look if support needs to be extended.

Now You : which version of Windows do you run? Yes, sir. But one day or another one day, rather Win7 will have become obsolete. That day will be a new chapter in my digital life. I do have Windows 10 on a laptop and a second machine, plus I did set up Windows 10 as a dual-booting option on my main PC a couple of years back when Windows 7 was approaching end of mainstream support.

Simple truth however is that I prefer Windows 7. It has a nicer and more consistent user interface than the sloppy mess that is Windows 10, and at this time every program and game I want to run still works fine under Windows 7.

My only question now is whether to switch to Windows 10 over the next year, or skip it and plunge into Windows 11 once the initial bugs and issues have been addressed…. In my opinion, there should be a worldwide law to make the behavior of these not-so-social companies, more social.

The greediness must stop. On top of that, if you have enough money, Microsoft will continue to maintain these functions.

Should MS still be supporting Windows 3. Where do you draw the line? My old phone did everything I needed it to do: make calls, text. But I was forced to upgrade and deal with the learning curve and all the customization required. You might be surprised, or maybe not. Why not? If the customer is willing to cough up the costs it takes to make these fixes.

That it would be a major hassle for Microsoft, of that I am aware. Personally, I would keep such systems alive, unless there was an absolute need to do so.

Windows 7 was an improvement over Windows XP. Windows 8. The jump from Windows 8. Still, I liked Windows 7 better, because it was a more cohesive OS. These days I run Windows Server on my desktop, which is still a decent experience.

But I wonder if that is the last Windows edition I run, as I already have my laptop running Linux and which has been a great experience. So there is a definite possibility that I will go completely to Linux.

Regarding gaming, if you are of a similar mindset as I am, Linux will work far better for you than you would expect. Introduce gaming to your Linux computer and the experience will be less. And the big issue is there are just so many more applications for Windows. I actually am getting used to Win11 and really find not much difference over Win Supposedly Win 11 is the most secure system to date.

Just as a new car is likely safer than a ten year old car. My father is still using W7. Yes, I am unable to pay them with W11, so hilarious! Win 8. Every time MS forces an update with a new unwanted feature, it breaks user customizations and third-party tools that the user installed and expected to keep working for their productivity needs or workflow.

Every update is like playing whack-a-mole with settings reversions, especially when crap like windows health checkup or windows update medic gets forced on the system on every single update. And then Win 10 will forcibly install, reinstall, update and re-enable those services on every windows update check. Also the whole mess with driver storage that you need the third-party driver store explorer to easily manage.

Unless you disable updates on Win 10 entirely and run third party privacy tools like OOSU, privatezilla, and privacy,sexy, MS will screw with your install at every opportunity while hoovering your data.

Right on. I went from 8. The Vista Beta 1 theme is nice. For technical support , customers must purchase Extended Security Updates and have an active support plan in place to get technical support on a product that has moved beyond the Extended Support date. Please call Microsoft to receive support. For security updates only, customers can receive Extended Security Updates on the following products for free:.

Contact your implementation partner or sales representative for more details. Extended Security Updates are available through specific volume licensing programs.

Contact your Microsoft partner or account team to learn more. ESUs for select Embedded products are available via your embedded device manufacturer. Coverage will be available in three consecutive month increments following End of Support. Customers cannot buy partial periods e. Extended Security Updates are transacted per year month period , commencing with the End of Support date.


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Microsoft will no longer provide free Windows 7 security updates after January 14, At the time, Microsoft officials said the paid Windows. Although Windows 7 has reached its end-of-support phase that doesn’t mean your PC´s will suddenly stop working. We’ve put together the key facts. Microsoft has pretty much made it clear to its users that Windows 7 will no longer be supported by the company beyond January 14,


Windows 10 LTSB Version extended support end date – Microsoft Community.FAQ about Extended Security Updates (ESU) for Windows 7 | Microsoft Docs

After January 14, , Microsoft no longer provides extended security updates or support for computers that run Windows 7. Support for Windows 7 ends on January 10, and it looks as if there is no option to extend support further. While Microsoft did release.