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Pixelmator Team Ltd. All rights reserved. The owner or authorized user of a valid copy of Pixelmator software may reproduce this publication for the purpose of learning to use such software. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted for commercial purposes, such as selling copies of this publication or for providing paid pixelmator instruction manual free support services.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this manual is accurate. Pixelmator Team is not responsible for printing or clerical errors. Because Pixelmator frequently releases new versions and updates to its applications and Internet sites, images shown in this book may be slightly different from what you see on your screen.

Portions of the Pixelmator Team Software utilize or include third party software and other copyrighted material. Acknowledgements, licensing terms and disclaimers for such material are contained in the online electronic documentation for the Pixelmator Software, and your use of such material is governed by their respective terms.

Other company and product names mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective companies. Mention of third-party products is for informational purposes only and constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation. Pixelmator Team assumes no responsibility with regard to the performance or use of these products. Introducing Pixelmator Pixelmator is the beautifully designed, easy-to-use, fast and powerful image editor for Mac OS X pixelmator instruction manual free has everything needed to create, edit and enhance still images.

Additional notes about system requirements: Pixelmator is based on a modern foundation that takes advantage of the latest Mac OS X technologies.

Pixelmator instruction manual free while you can rest assurred that the application will work without any performance glitches on the latest Intel-based Macs with Mac OS X The application might work well on Mac OS X In addition, the majority of performance improvements are available only on Mac OS X Core Image utilizes the graphics card for image processing operations, freeing the CPU for other tasks.

With an old and slow GPU, the application will still work, but it might be slow – especially when working with larger images. The third thing that Pixelmator uses is RAM.

However, just like any other application out there, Pixelmator will use your RAM to its advantage. Yet another element that helps Pixelmator run smoothly is the available disc space. Please make pixelmator instruction manual free you always have at least a few Gigabytes pixelmator instruction manual free free HD space since Pixelmator uses it to store temporary Undo and Redo files.

Those will disappear when you quit the application. If you do not have iPhoto, you will still be able to access your Pictures folder via the Photo Browser. For more information about iLife, please visit www. Installation It is very easy to install Pixelmator. All you need to do is download pixelmator instruction manual free Pixelmator.

Then drag the Pixelmator icon onto your Applications folder to complete installation. That is it. Tip: You may want to eject and remove the downloaded Pixelmator. Think of it as a package in which your Pixelmator copy and a vast majority of other Mac applications is delivered to you. While we would love to have you license Pixelmator by purchasing a serial number, it is not necessary to do that immediately.

If you already love Pixelmator and would like to get the license for it, click the Buy License button. It will take you to the Pixelmator Pixelmator instruction manual free where you can easily and securely purchase a new serial number to unlock the application and continue using it even after the 30 days have passed.

It is worth knowing that by больше информации the license, you will not only own pixelmator instruction manual free lovely application pixelmator instruction manual free will also support the hard work of the Pixelmator Team.

Once you make the purchase, you will receive your Pixelmator serial number via /2767.txt. Retrieving Lost License If something happens to your Mac and you loose your Pixelmator license, there is no need to worry, at least about retrieving another Pixelmator license. All you need to do is send an e-mail to the Pixelmator Pixelmator instruction manual free at info pixelmator.

Please make sure you mention your first and last names in the e-mail so that your serial number can be found in the Pixelmator purchasers database. The best way to add your serial number to the license sheet is to pixelmator instruction manual free copy it from your e-mail and paste it into the Enter Your License Code field. Please make sure you select all the serial number digits when copying. Click the License Now button, and you are done! The window asking to license Pixelmator will never appear again when launching application.

Note: Please do not share your license with anyone. Узнать больше здесь you have two Macs, a desktop and a notebook, and would like to use Pixelmator on both, the Pixelmator Team has no problem with that as long as the app is not used for commercial purposes.

Resources Though this manual is a good start to learning Pixelmator, there are many more resources available to you. Built-in Help Pixelmator comes with a built-in Help that includes an overview of nearly every feature pixelmator instruction manual free Pixelmator, instructions for completing tasks and keyboard shortcuts to do things faster.

Pixelmator Help is always current since it is updated with almost every minor or major version release of Pixelmator. It features lots of up-todate information about the application, including new and updated features, development news, and tutorials. One can find articles about the development process of Pixelmator, tutorials, tips and tricks, inside information about developers, press releases, description of продолжить features and many interesting happenings in the Pixelmator pixelmator instruction manual free.

Pixelmator forums also include a place where users share and discuss their tutorials with others. Pixelmator enjoys having one of the most active and friendly user communities in pixelmator instruction manual free Mac universe, and that anyone is welcome to join at www. Tech Specs An in-depth list of supported file formats, features available and technologies used in Pixelmator can be found at www.

Feedback and Bug Reporting Though the Pixelmator Team developers invest a lot of time and hard work making sure Pixelmator is a high-quality application, as with any other software, bugs still sometimes find their way into the application. That смотрите подробнее why it is very important to keep developers informed about any bugs you are experiencing or any improvements that you think should be done in order to improve the application.

And the sooner developers are informed, the faster they can act to fix or improve a feature. Feedback about the User Manual you are reading now is also very welcome. Use the Report a Bug or Provide feedback forms at www. Software Update You may want to check the software update page at pixelmator instruction manual free.

Pixelmator updates include new features, various improvements and bug fixes. Tip: Because the Pixelmator Team is so serious about improving Pixelmator, every major 1. X update is given an unusual software name. For example, the first version of Pixelmator, codenamed Firestarter, is called Pixelmator 1.

Other versions are Pixelmator 1. The most current version is Pixelmator 1. Pixelmator 1. X updates are usually free for registered users. The Pixelmator interface is specially designed for work with images. It includes a variety of palettes, menus pixelmator instruction manual free tools for viewing, editing and enhancing здесь images. Chapter 1. Chapter 1: An Overview of Pixelmator Pixelmator is designed to be the easy-to-use, fast and real-Mac OS X application center of your image editing workflow, allowing you to create, edit and enhance your pictures and deliver professional-quality images.

This chapter provides an overview of how Pixelmator works and what you can do with it. If you are new to Pixelmator, this chapter is for you. If you are pixelmator instruction manual free with the Pixelmator instruction manual free features and interface, feel free to skip this chapter. A First Look at Pixelmator When you launch Pixelmator and open a picture, you see the following view:. Tools palette: this is where you choose tools that let pixelmator instruction manual free select, paint, retouch, crop, move, edit, type, sample, and view images.

Tools Options palette: this is where you customize the way your currently selected tool works. Brushes palette: use to manage your brushes. Layers palette: this is where you select, add, remove, link, unlink layers, adjust their opacity, change blending modes, add layer masks, create clipping masks.

Floating pixelmator instruction manual free in Pixelmator help you monitor and modify your work. While some palettes are displayed by default, pixelmator instruction manual free are many more available in Pixelmator that you can show or hide by selecting them from the View menu. More detailed information about every palette is available later in this manual.

All palettes in Pixelmator are transparent, so you can see through them and focus on your image instead of the application interface. Image Processing Pixelmator is a layers-based image editor built on top of modern technologies, and features everything you need to create, edit and enhance your images. Layer-based image editing Since layers are the building blocks of many image creations, Pixelmator offers layers-based image editing. Layers are stacked on top of each other, and the final appearance of the picture depends on their order.

Tools Use Pixelmator tools for selecting, cropping, painting, retouching, typing, measuring and navigating. That means you can edit and apply special effects to portions of your pictures, remove unwanted objects, or cut out objects from one picture to put on another.

Not only can you link and arrange added layers, but Pixelmator allows you to blend layers, change their opacity, create clipping masks, or add layer masks to hide some portions of a layer. Pixelmator painting tools allow you to use different brush sizes, shapes, hardness and blending modes when painting.

You can paint with Pixelmator as you would traditionally, play with gradients or fill spaces with colors. Pixelmator has the tools for perfecting your aging or buggy photos. With its retouching tools, you can easily blur hard edges or sharpen fuzzy areas of your image. Or paint with a sample of an image to remove wrinkles pixelmator instruction manual free faces or scratches in your pixelmator instruction manual free. You can use any of the adjustment or painting tools to polish or to refine your pixelmator instruction manual free.

Pixelmator also has everything you need for typing text on your pictures, analysing colors, cropping, transforming, moving anything in your pictures or navigating through your images. Use the Image Size tool to change the print dimensions and resolution по этому сообщению an image. Use the Canvas Size tool to increase or decrease the full editable area of an image.


Pixelmator instruction manual free.The ultimate beginner’s guide to Pixelmator Pro

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Jan 20,  · While Photoshop is the industry standard, Pixelmator has a lot to offer for Mac users. In this post, we’ll feature more than 25 tutorials for using Pixelmator, including a number of video tutorials. Some of the tutorials are rather basic and will help you to get familiar with the interface and tools, and others teach specific techniques. Overview; The ultimate beginner’s guide to Pixelmator Pro. In this video tutorial, we dive into all the key details of Pixelmator Pro, from exploring the interface and opening images to working with masks and reverting edits. Nov 14,  · Pixelmator's next version will be named Pixelmator 1.X the code_name, and so on. The most current version is Pixelmator Sprinkle. Pixelmator 1.X updates are usually free for registered.