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Sign a PDF on iPhone and iPad with ease | PDF Expert 7.

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Select the Signature tool. Click a plus sign on the sidebar on the right.

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This is why electronic signature space grew so much recently think of DocuSign, EcoSign, etc. While these services are good, they might be a little be too specific and narrow in terms of what they allow you to do, namely, sign the contracts people send you.

Say, you want to annotate a contract or add a few notes before actually signing it, download PDF Expert and you’ll be able to make all those changes from the box and negotiate better terms. Electronic signature fields recognition. It saves your time by automatically adjusting each signature size to fit the field. Your signature will appear exactly where you clicked, and you will be able to move and edit it as you wish.

Mac iOS. Open a PDF file and select the Annotate tab. Select the Signature tool. Click a plus sign on the sidebar on the right. Select the Keyboard, Trackpad, or Image to type, draw, or upload an image of your signature. Choose the color and click Create. When finished working with signatures, click in the top toolbar to exit the Add Signature mode. To exit the Annotate mode, click the Annotate tab in the top.

Open a document you want to sign. Tap Signature. Tap Create New Signature. Scribble your signature. Managing files and folders You can arrange your files by dragging and dropping them to tabs or folders. Drag the selected item above the target folder. The folder will be highlighted with blue 3. The new zip file will be added to the current folder Add to Tap and then tap Star favorites and the file will be listed in the Starred Files folder Color- Swipe from the top and tap code Color tag to highlight a file or folder.

Tap Recents to review the list of recently opened files or tap Starred Files to open one of the favorites. Zoom Use two finger pinch gesture. Double tap to zoom in instantly. Scroll Swipe with one finger vertically or through horizontally. The list of results will start from the current page. Tap Add new Bookmark to add new bookmark on the current page.

Tap Edit to rename or remove a bookmark. Annotating To start annotating a PDF document use any annotation tools at the bottom. Tap and drag above several annotations to select them. Tap and select a pen to start drawing on the PDF.

Select color transparency and size of the pen tool. Select a shape and tap on the PDF to place it. Tap and hold on the note icon to drag it to another place on the page Tap the tool and select or create a stamp. Use controls above the keyboard to change a font style, color and size. Tap to undo previous action. You can also use camera to take pictures.

Images can be then scaled and moved. Please note that the audio note is added without compression. So it is recommended to limit the recording time to 10 minutes. If you want to copy a text, you need to tap and in order to select it and tap Copy, which appears above the selection.

Tap on the annotations toolbar to create a signature. Tap Save when you are done. To place a signature on a PDF, tap and hold on any place of the document till the popup menu appears.

To edit a signature, tap once and modify its color, line width or delete it. Then tap Edit My Signature to clear or modify the current signature. Tap to select or deselect all pages Tap to add a new empty page. You can type text, select items from drop-down lists, use check boxes, add images to the fields, make calculations and even sign forms with a personal signature.

Customer Signature is created from the start every time you use it. Clear form To clear the form and remove all data from all fields: 1. Open the form 2. Select Clear Form 4.

Only Signature fields will be cleared. No changes can be made to annotations or form data after the flattening. Open the document 2. Tap Save a Copy or Send by Email 4. Select Flattened Document 5. Do you think that important administrative documents still require a handwritten signature? You can rest assured that electronic signatures are legally binding and permissible in all circumstances.

In France, this has been the case since the decree issued in March Good to know: What if my electronic signature looks nothing like my handwritten signature? Users often worry about not being able to reproduce their signature digitally. The signature is valid and the use of digital signatures is becoming more and more commonplace.

It is becoming increasingly common to have to sign PDF documents. Here are some of the types of PDF documents that often require a signature:. Each time, the process of signing by hand is a laborious one. By contrast, you can sign a document electronically on your laptop or desktop computer without any special equipment.

Nothing could be simpler! Here is the 3-step process to follow, which is quicker and more intuitive to set up than it is to read!


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By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our Privacy Policy. Click the link below to find it out. Not so long ago, when you received an email with a contract, you had to print it , sign with a pen, scan the signed document and send it back. That takes too much time, paper and ink.

This is why electronic signature space grew so much recently think of DocuSign, EcoSign, etc. How does signing work? Free download. Read more George Tinari. Read more Dan DeSilva. One of the best apps to handle or edit PDFs on your Mac. Tap Save a Copy or Send by Email 4. Select Flattened Document 5. Change a name and location of the copy. Submitting and uploading PDF Forms may contain a Submit button to send the form or data from this form to a server for further processing.

However you can use PDF Expert features for submitting as well. Submit by email To submit a filled form or a regular PDF by email: 1. Tap 2. Tap Send by Email 3. The original document is also included. The limit depends on your mail account, for example Gmail will process up to 25MB attachments in each email. In that case you can simply move or copy a file to Sync folder. If the iPhone is online, the file will be uploaded to web storage automatically. Select a file or files 4.

Tap Actions 5. Then tap Upload 6. After that, select the storage and the target folder 7. Open the PDF and tap 2. Tap Open In… 3. Choose the target app from the popup. To send a file to another app from Documents tab: 1. Switch to Documents 2. Tap Actions… 4. Tap Open in… and choose the target app.

Sync PDF Expert provides a possibility to setup 2-way synchronization with Dropbox or any other web storage service you’ve connected to. To connect to web storage, follow the steps from Chapter 2. Tap Edit and then tap Sync at the bottom to enable 2-way sync with this folder. Confirm the setup and the full copy of this folder will appear in Documents tab. It is recommended to sync with one specific folder to make the sync fast and reliable.

Once sync is established any change applied to the contents of this folder will be uploaded Disable To disable sync for a certain folder: 1. Go to the Documents tab 2. Tap the sync folder 4. Settings PDF Expert Settings allow you to customize your application, configure Wi-Fi network drive options, document viewing, security and other preferences.

You can select color and thickness on the top toolbar. Choose a signature on the sidebar on the right and click it. Click where you want the signature to be inserted. You can use one signature multiple times. Right-click where you’d like the signature to be inserted. Select My Signature and click the signature.

Choose a signature and tap it. Tap where you want to insert the signature. You can move and resize the signature in a document. In a pop-up menu, select Signature.

Choose how you want your signature to look by adding the image of your choice. Create its authentication certificate. You can insert your electronic signature anywhere in the PDF: in a signature box or anywhere else in the document. Sign and then save the PDF. Download Windows version Buy. Satisfied or your money back. Immediate download. Configuration required:. Compatible with:.


Add signature pdf expert free.Sign PDF documents

Select the Signature tool. Click a plus sign on the sidebar on the right.