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Work smarter with Wrike. Try for Free Increase productivity with Smartsheet. Try Smartsheet for Free ProjectLibre tutorial belajar microsoft project 2013 free considered one of the best open source project management tools.

It was created by the founders of OpenProj and continually gains popularity. In the following article, we will show you how to create your first project in ProjectLibre. Our objective is to explain how you can use this program with ease; it is not an explanation of project management methodology for projects. No приведу ссылку to draw the diagrams yourself, all you have to do is clearly define your project, and enter your project-data correctly. This website also has the latest version for Mac or Linux.

Once you have downloaded and installed ProjectLibre, uninstall parallels desktop 9 free should see a window like this one below. This means that the project has a mandatory, non-negotiable, end date. And for good reason, you may be managing a project involving a scheduled event at a hotel. After you enter your project details you are ready to create your first task. Referring to the image below, you may want to see how many hours it takes to complete a task.

We will discuss other tabs Predecessors, Successors, Resources and Advanced in another tutorial. One of the most fundamental actions that you will do when planning a project is connecting tasks to one another as the start of some tasks are dependent on others completion.

To do this, add tasks as shown in the image below left and then drag and drop the first task to the third task as shown on the right of the image. Your tasks are now dependent on one other. Red tasks mean task dependency. Blue tasks means no task microsoft project 2013 software free free. That completes ProjectLibre Tutorial Part 1. In the next tutorial we tutorial belajar microsoft project 2013 free going to see how we can add resources and create sub-tasks.

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Tutorial Belajar Microsoft Access .ProjectLibre Tutorial Part 1: Creating Your First Project


Views 1, Downloads File size KB. Cover Ms Project Click New. Enter a start or finish date. An нажмите чтобы увидеть больше project file appears. By default, the Gantt Chart view is displayed. To change a project start or finish date 1. On the Tutorial belajar microsoft project 2013 free menu, click Project Information.

To save your project 1. Click Save. The first time you save your project, the PlanningWizard dialog box appears. The Planning Wizard continuously monitors your actions as you work. It helps you complete tasks and makes suggestions on lroject tutorial belajar microsoft project 2013 free you tutorial belajar microsoft project 2013 free tutoril use. By default the PlanningWizard is turned on. On the Projext menu, click Options, and then click the General tab.

To enter a task in the Gantt Chart view 1. On the View Bar, click Gantt Chart. In the Task Name field, type a task ffee. Use a verb and a noun to name tasks for example, Pour concrete. You can, for instance, delete a summary task and all of its subtasks or any individual task itself. After you delete a task, Microsoft Project automatically renumbers the remaining tasks. To delete a task 1. In the Task Name field, select the task you want to delete. On tutorial belajar microsoft project 2013 free Edit menu, click Delete Task.

Tuforial can assign durations смотрите подробнее tasks using minutes, hours, days, or weeks. To change a task duration 1. Projfct the Duration field for the task duration you want to change, type the duration midrosoft want.

To specify elapsed duration, precede the time unit with the letter “e” for example, edays for elapsed days. To move a task 1. Click the ID number of the task you want to move. Click Cut Task. Select the row above which you want to insert the task. Click Paste. After grouping your tasks, you create a task outline by indenting tasks and outdenting tasks.

When you indent a freee to a level lower than the projecy above it, the task above becomes a summary task. Typically, a summary task represents a phase or a subphase of your project. It is by creating summary tasks that you harness the real power of outlining. In the Task Name field, select the task you want to indent or outdent.

Click Indent to indent the task or click Outdent to outdent the task. To collapse or expand an outline 1. On the View Bar, click Gantt chart. In the Task Name field, select the summary task containing the subtasks you want to show or hide, or select the no summary tasks you want to hide. Click Show Subtasks to show the subtasks or click Hide Subtasks to hide the subtasks. You can see instantly how changes in the start, finish, and prject of a task affect related tasks and the schedule as a whole.

When necessary, you can exercise even finer control by specifying overlaps and time gaps between tasks. The amount of overlap between two tasks is called lead time. The time gap, or delay, tutorial belajar microsoft project 2013 free tasks is called lag time.

Вот ссылка Microsoft Project, you can add lead or tutorial belajar microsoft project 2013 free time between any two linked tasks. A task that depends on the start or finish of a preceding task is called a successor task. Hanging the clocks is the successor task to painting the walls. A task starts after its belaar finishes Finish-to-start FS A task starts when its predecessor starts Start-to-start SS A task finishes when its predecessor finishes Tutotial FF A task finishes after its predecessor starts Start-to-finish SF The types of belamar you choose will affect your project length.

Applying FS links between all tasks would probably drag out your project longer than necessary, because most projects involve some tasks that can overlap. To link tasks in an FS dependency 1. In tuutorial Task Name field, select microsfot or more tasks you want to link. Click Link Tasks. A link line appears on the Gantt Chart, connecting the two tasks.

Avoid Entering Start and Finish Dates – Link Your Tasks When you enter start and finish dates for tasks, you force those tasks to begin and end no earlier proect the dates you have entered. Changes prjoect in the schedule might not affect the start and finish dates of these tasks. To change a projetc link 1. Double-click the link line of the tasks you want to change. In the Type box, click the task link you want.

To remove a task link 1. In the Task Name field, select здесь tasks you want to unlink. Click Unlink Tasks. The task will be rescheduled based on any other dependencies. You can fine-tune task links by using lag time you can specify a waiting period, or delay, between the finish of a predecessor task and the start of a successor task. With lead time, you can overlap two tasks so that a successor task starts before the predecessor task finishes.

To add lead or lag time 1. In the Task Name field, select the successor task you want, and then click Task Tutorial belajar microsoft project 2013 free. Select the Predecessors tab. Type lead time as a negative number источник as a negative completion percentage. Type lag time as a positive number or as a positive completion percentage. Use minute, hour, day, or week for the lead or lag time units. Elapsed days include weekends and other nonworking days. By default, all tasks are assigned the As Soon As Possible constraint.

The following table lists the eight types of constraints, describes each type, and states when each type should be used. Allows schedule changes to start tasks earlier or later. Starting a task projec soon as its links with predecessor tasks, tutoriak any, allow.

Do not 20013 a date with this constraint. Starting a task as late as possible without delaying the project end date or the finish date of belxjar successor task. Allows schedule changes to finish tasks later. Microsoft Project automatically assigns this constraint when you enter a task finish date. Allows schedule changes to start tasks later. Tasks that must start on or after a miccrosoft date.

Microsoft Project automatically assigns this constraint when you enter a task start date. Allows schedule changes to move the finish date up to, microskft not beyond, the specified finish date. Allows schedule changes to move the start date up to, but not later than, the specified start date. Tasks that must start on a specific date. Constrain a Task to Start or Finish On or Near a Specific Date If a task must start or finish on or near a specific date, just linking tasks and adding lead or lag time might not do the trick.

This may be the time to set a constraint. To set a constraint 1. In the Task Name field, select the task you want, and then click Task Information. Click the Advanced tab. In the Type box, click a constraint type. Microsoft Project adds the constraint and recalculates the schedule. Tutorial belajar microsoft project 2013 free check a constraint 1.

On the View menu, point to Table, and then click More Tables. In the Tutorial belajar microsoft project 2013 free list, click Constraint Dates. Click Apply.


then click Project Windows 8: On the Start screen, tap or click Project Windows Click on Start menu -> All apps -> Microsoft Office -> Project The following screen is the Project’s start screen. Here you have options to open a new plan, some other plans, and even a new plan template. Click the Blank Project Tab. Tutorial Belajar Microsoft Project Microsoft Visual Studio Code is an open source, lightweight and powerful source code editor. OSTechNix (Open Source, Technology, Nix*) regularly publishes the latest news, how-to articles, tutorials Microsoft Windows This tutorial explains how to embed an audio file in Google Sheet and play the MP3. Microsoft Project Tutorial – Page 3 5. Click the File tab, then click the Save As button and give the project a name. Entering Tasks 1. Click the View tab, then click the Gantt Chart button, and select Gantt Chart from a drop-down list. In most cases, this was the view you were placed in toFile Size: KB.