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Hot Network Questions. Visual Studio provides the ideal toolset for building modern applications that leverage the next wave in Windows platform innovation Windows 8.


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The One ASP. NET component frameworks in a single project. This new unified experience includes the ability to easily create hybrid applications that include improved versions of ASP. Now you can mix and match the right tools for the job within your web projects, giving you increased flexibility and productivity when developing for the web. If you design web pages, or implement the designs of others, you probably spend a significant portion of your time tweaking HTML and CSS while refreshing browser windows again and again to achieve the exact experience you want to create.

This is further complicated by the diversity of available web browsers your visitors might be using to view your site.

Visual Studio eliminates this back and forth using Browser Link, which connects Visual Studio to one or more open modern browsers in an interactive development experience to keep them in synch with your markup changes without needing manual browser refreshes to see the changes you are making.

With Visual Studio , you can create and manage modern business applications that extend the Office experience to help people interact with business processes, artifacts, and other systems. Office Cloud Business Apps run in the cloud, taking advantage of the rich platform capabilities exposed by Windows Azure and Office As cloud-based apps, they are available to a myriad of devices to aggregate data and services from in and out of an enterprise, and integrate user identities and social graphs.

These applications integrate with the application lifecycle management capabilities of Visual Studio, bridging the worlds of the business app developer with IT operations. The new Performance and Diagnostics hub in Visual Studio provides a unified experience for various tools available in Visual Studio.

The hub also makes it easy to identify the performance and diagnostic tools that work with your project and enables you to quickly start using them to improve your application. Memory Dump Analyzer in Visual Studio makes it easier to diagnose memory problems in production environments by analyzing.

NET memory heap dumps right from Visual Studio. Using the new memory analysis capability, you can solve memory leaks and inefficient memory usage by seeing size and counts, the largest instances of objects, and what is holding them alive in memory. You can also compare two memory dumps to gain insight into how memory usage is changing over time. When debugging bit. NET 4. When running on Windows 8. Beyond diagnostics support,. You can import exception and performance events as IntelliTrace log.

The Profiling Tools in Visual Studio give insight into PGO optimization decisions, which helps you to understand how well that profile data corresponds to real-world performance by showing how the profiled hotter code paths common user scenarios and colder code paths less common user scenarios of an application correspond to what code was optimized by PGO and how size or speed.

Visual Studio incorporates a wave of new Application Lifecycle Management ALM features that will help your teams be more productive and collaborate with improved support for agile development practices that you can adopt incrementally to suit the needs of your organization. Whether the team prefers the increased control and customization of an on-premises installation, or the maintenance-free accessibility of the cloud, there’s an option that fits your team’s needs.

With Agile Portfolio Management you can manage large and complex workloads in an agile way. You can define a hierarchy of backlogs to understand the scope of work across several teams and see how that work rolls up into broader initiatives.

Team rooms provide an area for fostering and capturing communication among team members, both near and far. Full feature comparison of IDEs. Visual Studio. Professional monthly. Enterprise monthly. Professional standard. Enterprise standard. Earlier version for PC download the full list. Integrated Development Environment. Live Dependency Validation. One-Click Web Deployment. Code Map. Code Clone. Testing tools. Live Unit Testing. Microsoft Fakes Unit Test Isolation. Unit Testing.

Code Coverage. Collaboration tools and features. Code Review. Team Explorer third-party development tools support. Visual Studio Live Share. Advanced Debugging and Diagnostics. Code Map Debugger Integration. Code Metrics. Graphics Debugging. Static Code Analysis. Performance and Diagnostics Hub. Snapshot Debugger. Time Travel Debugging Preview. Cross-platform Development. Embedded Assemblies.

Xamarin Inspector. Xamarin Profiler. Learn more about Visual Studio subscription benefits. Basic features. Test plans. Cloud services. Microsoft developer subscription E5. Power BI Pro. Server licence. User client access licence CAL. Self-hosted pipelines. Download the full list. Training and education. LinkedIn Learning. Professional standard Free for 3 months. Enterprise standard Free for 6 months. Enterprise standard Free for 3 months.

Pluralsight training. Professional standard Full subscription for 3 months. Enterprise standard Full subscription for 6 months. CODE Magazine print or digital. Technical support. Professional standard 2 incidents. Enterprise standard 4 incidents. Developer Community. Concierge chat.

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